Likes Scratch9: Cat Tails #1

August 7, 2013

Martin Thomas over at just posted his review of Scratch9: Cat Tails #1 Not only is Martin a fan of the funnybooks, but he’s a dad who likes to read with his kids. And weirdly, he doesn’t like cats! We know what you’re thinking? “What? Who doesn’t like cats?!”

We won’t hold it against, Martin because it turns out he was won over by the cats of Scratch9! He writes, “Overall, this is just a great book which should appeal not only to parents reading to their kids, but also to cat lovers, and quite frankly also to art fans.”

Click through for the complete review…

Mike Roll's Garogga artwork from Scratch9: Cat Tails #1

Mike Roll’s Garogga artwork from Scratch9: Cat Tails #1

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