Scratch9: Cat Tails #1 in Stores Today!

July 31, 2013

Today’s the day! Scratch and his nine lives returns to comic shops with all new tails…er…tales of adventure in Scratch9: Cat Tails #1 from Hermes Press.

The new book features stories written by Scratch9 creator Rob M. Worley with artwork by Shannon Eric Denton, Justin Castaneda, Mike Roll, Caanan Grall, Joshua Buchanan and Jason T. Kruse!

How do you get it? Go to your local comic shop today!

What if you don’t know where your local comic shop is? Click over to and find it! It’s easy!

What if my local comic shop says they don’t have any more copies? Tell them to order more. The publisher and distributor have made plenty of extra available. Make it easy for them by giving them the Diamond Catalog code #‎MAY13‬-1167

Scratch9: Cat Tails #1 on the racks

Scratch9: Cat Tails #1 on the racks


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