Comics: Desmond likes Scratch9!

October 27, 2010

So this is awesome: Joe Foo is the creator of the super-fun comic Desmond’s Comic. It’s about a scrappy Wolverine (from Michigan, natch) named Desmond who is famous for playing Snapper Wolf, the star of a video game called SnapGrabbem!

Imagine our surprise when we saw this week’s Halloween-oriented installment of Desmond’s Comic and it has a nod to our little super-cat in it! Desmond and his gang are all dressed up in costumes for Halloween. Demond’s buddy Jerry the Carrot is wearing a Scratch9 suit! How cool is that?

All the characters are dressed up like Foo’s favorite comic characters.  Kaz is wearing a Reed Gunther suit (based on the awesome strip by them Houghton Boys). Slob Zombie is out as an character from Mike White’s Amity Blamity. Devil Bunny is dressed as Red from Eddie Pittman’s Red’s Planet. Tyrone the Triceratops is dressed as Sasquatch from Scott Maynard’s Happle Tea. Finally, ol’ Des himself is suited up as Sam from Sam Steve Purcell’s much-loved comic/toon show/video game Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

Here’s a preview, but click through to experience the strip at Maximum Awesomeness!

Jerry The Carrot dressed as Scratch9 in Desmond's Comic

Jerry The Carrot dressed as Scratch9 in Desmond's Comic

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