9 Questions with Shane Houghton

March 23, 2012

Last month we chatted up Mr. Chris Houghton about his work on the upcoming Scratch9 anthology. But did you know he’s but one half of the dynamic duo of funnybook-makin’ bros known as the Houghtons?

This month we check in with Shane Houghton, comedic writer extraordinaire. He’s the writer on Boom! Studios’ new Peanuts comic, as well as the Casper Scare School books. And he is best known as the writer and co-creator of Reed Gunther.

As we mentioned in our previous interview, Shane and Chris have graced the Scratch-a-verse with our first crossover, with a theatrical disaster detailing the first meeting between Reed Gunther and Scratch’s sixth aspect, Beeslebohm!

Here’s Shane Houghton fending off nine probing questions from team Scratch…

Beeslebohm and Reed Gunther

Beeslebohm and Reed Gunther

Scratch9: What made you want to draw comics?

Shane Houghton: I come from a film background where it takes lots and lots of people to make something. Even a tiny little indie crew is still 5-15 people, plus actors. With comics, it’s just me and the artist. And we can tell stories that would cost MILLIONS to film, without even breaking a sweat.

Scratch9: Your story involves a catastrophic moment in Beeslebohm’s theatrical career. What is your most catastrophic moment in a theater?

Shane Houghton: I actually did a lot of theater in high school and in my first year of college. During my freshman year of college I did a play where I was forced to get a spray-tan because I was too pale and sickly-looking. I swear I looked much, MUCH worse with that fake tan. That was the play acted in before giving up theater.

Beeslebohm Meets Sterling

Beeslebohm Meets Sterling

Scratch9: Which of your behaviors is most catlike?

Shane Houghton: Coughing up hairballs.

Scratch9: What is the first thing kids should do if they want to become an writer?

Shane Houghton: Write! Write as much as you can and don’t stop. Remember, stories are about conflict, so make sure there’s a problem in every scene you write. You should also write for the fun of it, not because of any other reason. If you only write because it’s fun– money, recognition, and any other dreams attached to writing that you have will come out of that fun. Then it’s double fun!

Scratch9: Napping?

Shane Houghton: Love it. Wish I could do way more of it.

Peanuts #3 From Boom! Studios

Peanuts #3 From Boom! Studios

Scratch9: Chris Houghton: Insufferable or Impossible?

Shane Houghton: Insufferably impossible? Chris is incredible. He’s the best artist in comics and I’m double lucky to be able to work with him and be his brother.

Scratch9: What are you working on now?

Shane Houghton: Reed Gunther, the bear-riding cowboy, is galloping along in his adventures at Image Comics, I’m putting words in the mouths of Charlie Brown and the gang for the monthly Peanuts comic for Kaboom, and I should have a Casper’s Scare School story coming out sometime soon.

Scratch9: What is your dream project?

Shane Houghton: My dream project is Reed Gunther. It really doesn’t get better than writing goofy adventures with your brother. I’ve got a ton of other ideas for comics, movies, and tv shows, but nothing tops Reed Gunther. Maybe it’s because I’ve already spent so much time with that comic and telling those stories. Everything else I’d start back at the ground floor, but Reed is this tiny empire built on stupid gags and dangerous monsters.

Reed Gunther #9

Reed Gunther #9

Scratch9: Where can our readers find you if they must know more about Shane Houghton?

Shane Houghton: You can check out my video work and comics at ShaneHoughton.com, follow me on Twitter @shanehoughton, and see all things Reed Gunther at www.reedgunther.com!

Check out Reed Gunther wherever fine comics are sold. And stay tuned for 9 more questions from our fantastic anthology artists. Next up: Mike Roll!

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