9 Questions with Chris Houghton

February 29, 2012

You know Chris Houghton. He’s been an animator with Walt Disney TV and Nickelodeon before that. He’s the artist on Boom! Studios Adventure Time and Peanuts comics. Of course he’s best known as the artist of Reed Gunther, which he co-created with his brother Shane Houghton.

So when team Scratch was looking for creators to contribute to our upcoming Scratch9 anthology, the Houghton Brothers are the first guys we went to.

Good thing too, because Shane and Chris whipped up our first crossover, with a barn-burner tale of the first meeting between Reed Gunther and Scratch’s sixth aspect, Beeslebohm!

Want to know more? Here’s Chris Houghton fielding nine cat-tastic questions from team Scratch…

Beeslebohm and Reed Gunther

Beeslebohm and Reed Gunther

Scratch9: What made you want to draw comics?

Chris Houghton: I’ve always loved comics and I’ve always loved to draw but it wasn’t until college that I started drawing comics. I always wanted to do animation. The problem with animation is it takes so dang long to complete a short film. In the time it takes me animate a 1 or 2 minute film, I could’ve drawn 2, 3, or more comic books!

Scratch9: Your story involves a catastrophic moment in Beeslebohm’s theatrical career. What is your most catastrophic moment in a theater?

Chris Houghton: Both Shane and I were in theater productions together in high school, which was a lot of fun. One play involved me playing the lead role, which made me very nervous before each performance. One night, I was so nervous at the beginning of the play, all I could focus on was not throwing up on stage! I’ve stuck to the safety of a lone art desk from then on.

Beeslebohm Meets Sterling

Beeslebohm Meets Sterling

Scratch9: Which of your behaviors is most catlike?

Chris Houghton: I work a lot like a cat would (if cats ever stop being so lazy and learn to get jobs). I work best in short spurts followed by relaxing in the sun or napping. I also have a nasty habit of pooping in the sand.

Scratch9:  What is the first thing kids should do if they want to become an artist?

Chris Houghton: Everyone’s already an artist, most just aren’t good yet. If you want to get “good,” then just keep drawing. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. That’s the Chris Houghton Guarantee!

Scratch9:   Nachos?

Chris Houghton: I’m sorry… What’s not mine?

Adventure Time #1

Adventure Time #1

Scratch9:   Shane Houghton: Prima donna or Diva?

Chris Houghton: All of the above! Oh wait, you forgot “hack.”

Scratch9:   What are you working on now?

Chris Houghton: Besides the monthly comic book Reed Gunther from Image Comics (go buy it! …please) I’m drawing the comic book covers for the Adventure Time comic book series from Boom Studios. I work on storyboards during the day at Disney as well which is a lot of fun and helps me make money so I can buy food for my mouth hole.

Scratch9:   What is your dream project?

Chris Houghton: I’m working on it right now! Reed Gunther has been the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. Working with my brother Shane is a real treat too. I like working at big animation studios but nothing in the world beats working on your own stuff.

Reed Gunther #9

Reed Gunther #9

Scratch9:   Where can our readers find you if they must know more about Chris Houghton?

Chris Houghton: I’m on most neighborhood watch lists and government “no-fly” lists so people can look me up there. They can also see more of my work on my website at ChrisHoughtonArt.com. Thanks Rob!

Check out Reed Gunther wherever fine comics are sold. And stay tuned for 9 more questions from our fantastic anthology artists. Next up: Shane Houghton!

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