Star Clipper likes Scratch9 #3!

January 2, 2011

Paul over at the Star Clipper pop culture store in St. Louis has once again named Scratch9 one of the best things he’s read this week. In this case, “this week” refers to the week of December 22nd, which is when Scratch9 #3 came out. Here’s part of what Paul said about the issue:

Scratch manifests three new past lives in this issue…Beeslebohm is the best of them. What can I say, a showboating grandee of a cat who craves attention and applause makes sense to me — I have two cats. Rob Worley and Jason T. Kruse are making a great all-ages book, full of action, heroism and humor, and Scratch himself is lovable because he’s a goofball and he doesn’t have all the answers.

Thanks, Paul!

Click through to read all of Paul’s comments about Scratch9 #3!

Scratch9 #3

Scratch9 #3

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