Scratch9 at Detroit Fanfare this weekend!

September 23, 2011

BOOTH #100

Rob Worley will be appearing at the Detroit Fanfare Comic Book Convention 2011, held this year at the Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center (aka Cobo Hall) in Downtown Detroit!

We’ll have the SCRATCH9 Trade Paperbacks as well as a second printing of SCRATCH9 #1.

The Second printing is even more rare than the first one and it contains an all-new, never-before seen two-page bonus story by Shane and Chris Houghton featuring SCRATCH9’s first crossover!

That’s right! One of Scratch’s aspects meets up with Shane and Chris’ breakout comics character REED GUNTHER (and his trusty bear Sterling)!

And, we’ve got freebie for ya: a poster debuting Rob’s newest kids book ALL ROBOTS MUST DIE!

Based on a concept by Rob and Shannon Eric Denton, Chad Derdowski writes the adventures of Jake and Elroy, two rambunctious pre-teens with trust issues and an unhealthy fixation on nachos, who find themselves in a strange, strange world populated by spider monkeys (the eight-legged kind), cyborg dolphins and Sasquatch warriors.

They gotta team up with Robbo, the robot to rescue the princess, find Elroy’s backpack and get Jake some freakin’ nachos before he loses his mind!

The poster features artwork by Benjamin Roman (I LOVE HALLOWEEN)!

Chad will be right next to Rob at his table, signing the free poster for anyone who doesn’t mind a little defacement to their free works of art.

Stop by and say “litterbricks!” You’ll be glad you did!

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Scratch9 at Detroit Fanfare 2011

Scratch9 at Detroit Fanfare 2011

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  1. Jesse Hughes on September 30, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    I stopped by, but in my excitement I forgot to say “Litterbricks!”
    I have to say that the second printing is even better than the first. After reading it, it’s possible that Beeslebohm is my favorite of Scratch’s other-lifers.

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