Scratch9 #4 – Cover art and Ordering info!

August 27, 2010

Scratch9 #1 is due in stores during the first half of September. When you pick up your copy be sure to ask your comics shop to pre-order you a copy of Scratch9 #4, the final issue to the mini-series!

It’s got a cool cover by Jason T. Kruse depicting eight of the nine lives!

Here’s the official description:

Dr. Schrodinger has captured Penelope and he’s not letting her go until he recaptures Scratch! Can a simple house cat stop the schemes of a mad scientist? Well, Scratch is far from simple and he uses his powers to summon IX, his weirdest aspect yet! The cat-a-strophic story ends here!  (SEP10 0768)

(W) Rob M. Worley
(A) Jason T. Kruse

For info on ordering the first three issues check out our where to order page!

Now…here’s that cover!

Scratch9 #4

Scratch9 #4

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