Mania likes Scratch9 Digital #1

February 7, 2011

With Scratch9 #1 now available on the Comics Plus iTunes app, websites like are catching up with the book! Here’s what they said:

Scratch9 certainly has a good sense of self right from the start and it has a solid mix of fun and seriousness to it as Scratch deals with being out in the real world. Worley has created a fun little character here with a lot of potential and has given him a good world to play in, one that’s kept simple in its own way but has room for some depth when it comes to exploring what Scratch can do and the ties to the past. Jason Kruse gives Scratch a very appealing look that’s distinct from other cats that are out there in modern media but also with some nods towards famous cats of the past. Scratch9 hits a lot of the right notes here and makes it an easy book to check out that should work both for kids and adults because of how its layered.

They score the book a B+! Check out the complete review at

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