Legends Comics & Games Luvs SCRATCH9!

September 25, 2015

Suzy Colombo, of the fantastic Legends Comics & Games shop in Cupertino, California had nice things to say about Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds!

Suzy writes on Facebook:

Scratch9  (written by Rob Worley) is awesomely original, Scratch can summon all of his 9 previous and future incarnations! (Get it? Scratch 9? Nine lives?) Scratch is incredibly devoted to his human, Penny, and will go to any length to keep her safe. Not only is it a great adventure but it also deals with right and wrong decisions and understanding others even if they’re your enemy!

If you don’t have a copy of Cat of Nine Worlds yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to Legends Comics & Games and pick up a copy today!

The bookshelf at Legends Comics & Games

The bookshelf at Legends Comics & Games

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