Interview: Rob talks Scratch9 with Good Comics for Kids

October 26, 2010

Katherine Dacey of the Good Comics For Kids blog at School Library Journal posted a fantastic interview with Scratch9 creator Rob Worley last week.  They talked about early influences, the state of kids comics and the challenges of writing engaging material for young readers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Another way kids get short-changed is by having everything softened. Violence, death and other unpleasant subjects have to be carefully considered for these stories. If you eliminate them entirely, then I think it’s a disservice to the reader.

So even though Scratch9 has tons of goofy fun in it, I tried not to shun the notion that sometimes it’s a cruel world for cats and dogs (and chickens and squirrels). And what Scratch learns and Penelope [his owner] demonstrates throughout is that those dark things in the world can be combated by caring for one another.

A big thanks to Katherine for all the kind attention! Click through to read the complete interview…

Scratch9 #3

Scratch9 #3

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