Compound Geekery Likes Scratch9 #1

September 21, 2010

We got an awesome write-up from the Compound Geekery blog last week. She picked up a copy of Scratch9 issue #1 at Chicago Comic-Con and really got it and liked it.

Here’s an exceprt:

Here is a story that, for once, hasn’t exactly been told before — here are some fresh, new ideas to explore.

The art, provided by Jason T. Kruse, is equally up to the task of the story. It is rounded and cartoony but expressive and just plain charming. Scratch and his owner are as cute as can be here but Kruse can also bring the menace in the form of Dr. Schrodinger and his robot grizzly bears. Yeah, you read that right… Robot. Grizzly. Bears. How awesome is that?

Thanks so much for the nice review, Compound Geekery Blog!

Click through to read the whole thing…

Garogga lays down some paw-smack on the Grizzbots

Garogga lays down some paw-smack on the Grizzbots

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