Celadore’s Caanan Grall likes Scratch9!

October 22, 2010

One of the cool people we met at New York Comic-Con was cartoonist Caanan Grall. He’s famous for creating Celadore, which was a winning entry on Zuda and is now in print from DC Comics.

We’re reading the book now and it’s terrific.

Celadore is a relentless vampire-hunting woman who gets bushwacked by some bloodsuckers and finds her soul transferred into the body of a comatose 11 year-old girl named Evelyn . (Dr. Schrodinger had nothing to do with it, by the way. It’s all vampire magic, not C.R.U.E.L. science!) Now she has to figure out how to resume her war on the undead, aided by Evelyn’s detached spirit, an adventure-craving boy named Sam and her Frankenstein’s Monster-esque sidekick, Jams.

Run to you’re nearest comics shop and pick up a copy now! Or click over to Amazon! We’ll wait here for you.

We were extremely flattered that Caanan came by the Ape Entertainment booth at NYCC just to get a copy of Scratch9. Then he turned around and gave us a very nice mention on his blog which is the same place you can read his hilarious new strip Max Overacts!

Celadore by Caanan Grall

Celadore by Caanan Grall

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