9 Questions With Shannon Eric Denton

May 14, 2013

From the start, one of Scratch9‘s biggest supporters has been artist /animator / writer / comics creator / editor / cowboy / super-genius Shannon Eric Denton. So image how perfect it seemed when Shannon agreed to illustrate the story of D’Agent, the fortunate feline of France, for the upcoming Scratch9: Cat Tails anthology!

Shannon let some of his numerous irons sit in the fire and took time to talk around the campfire with us and answer nine acutely revealing questions from team Scratch…

Scratch9 Cat Tails - D'argent and Tejan by Shannon Eric Denton

Scratch9 Cat Tails – D’argent and Tejan by Shannon Eric Denton


Scratch9: What made you want to become an artist?

Shannon Eric Denton: Spider-Man. But I first saw Spider-Man on The Electric Company and soon thereafter spotted him on the spinner rack at 7-11.  There began my lifelong addiction with superheroes. I wasn’t happy just reading about them and soon began crafting adventures of my own.

Scratch9: Your story involves a D’Argent and his ability to influence luck. What is luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Shannon Eric Denton: I’ve been lucky so many times.  Very thankful for that.  Meeting my wife, healthy kids, great friends, and jobs that I only imagined about never realizing I’d actually get to do. I like to think of luck as something that is constantly around for me to grasp if I remember to pay attention to it.

Scratch9: Cat Tails - D'Argent by Shannon Eric Denton

Scratch9: Cat Tails – D’Argent by Shannon Eric Denton

Scratch9: Which of your behaviors is most catlike?

Shannon Eric Denton: My napping. Though nowhere near cat-like in frequency, I can nap anywhere in just about any position.

Scratch9: What is the first thing kids should do if they want to become an artist?

Shannon Eric Denton: Draw!…and most importantly have fun with it.  Too much fun gets removed when it’s a job so rack up the fun now!

Scratch9: What is the best cheeseburger?

Shannon Eric Denton: A swiss cheese cheeseburger!…or blue cheese…or one with cheese on it. I LOVE cheeseburgers. Hatch green chile cheeseburger is my favorite though. Who’s ready to road trip to New Mexico?!

All Robots Must Die cover by Ben Roman

All Robots Must Die is available now from Actionopolis (cover art by Ben Roman)

Scratch9: Cats vs Monkeys. Go!

Shannon Eric Denton: SqueeeMeoOOOW RAHH RAHH MeeeOwwww HISSSSS

Scratch9: What are you working on now?

Shannon Eric Denton: Our ACTIONOPOLIS  line of books for young readers! Each action-packed book is it’s own unique world and setting so we know we have something for everyone! Find them at Actionopolis.com

Scratch9: What is your dream project?

Shannon Eric Denton: Actionopolis.com! Seriously, these books are my favorite thing. I’m living the dream, baby!

The Anubis Tapestry is available now from Actionopolis (cover art by Bruce Zick)

The Anubis Tapestry is available now from Actionopolis (cover art by Bruce Zick)

Scratch9: Where can our readers find you if they must know more about Shannon Eric Denton?

Shannon Eric Denton: Please visit ShannonDenton.com. You see the tweets on the twitter: @shannondenton.

Thanks, Shannon!

Everyone be sure to check out the great titles at Actionopolis for more of Shannon’s amazing work. And stay tuned for 9 more questions from our fantastic anthology artists.

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